FINANCE: Birmingham’s three primary care trusts are warning they could end the year £9.5m overspent on continuing healthcare.

The predicted overspend has risen from £7.2m at the end of September 2010, NHS South Birmingham board minutes reveal.

Complex care transformation director Jane Collier is quoted as saying that some “dampening down” of the predicted overspend could be expected. However she “did not see that it would be possible to reach a break even point by the end of March”.

She said a key factor was the ageing population and increasing cases of premature babies surviving with disabilities and then needing assistance if their parents were no longer able to care for them.

Continuing healthcare funds long term care such as that provided in nursing care homes. According to the board papers, the average number of new cases a month had dropped slightly to 10 in South Birmingham. But it had risen substantially elsewhere in the city, which is also covered by NHS Birmingham East and North and NHS Heart of Birmingham.

Growing demand will mean the PCTs will require a 17 per cent cost reduction to keep expenditure in 2011-12 at the same level as this year’s predicted spend.