STRUCTURE: GP commissioners in the South Central region have stated their support for the aims of the Health and Social Care Bill in their official submission to the NHS Future Forum listening exercise.

A letter, signed by 30 GPs, was sent on May 27 to Professor Steve Field, who is leading the exercise. Among those copied in were health secretary Andrew Lansley, the British Medical Association, and the Royal College of GPs.

The letter said: “We are committed to and enthusiastic about the opportunities that the Health and Social Care Bill proposes for GP Commissioning to provide improved quality of care to our populations.”

It also said: “We firmly believe that as GPs we are well placed to represent the best interests of the populations we serve and that we have an excellent overview of the use of cash limited NHS resource.

“GPs are the generalists within the NHS who value the specialisms of our colleagues in the acute sector.

“It is our opinion that by collaborating with clinicians from both primary and secondary care we can improve both the quality and value for money of patient care. Our indicator of success will be to create a sustainable NHS - free at the point of contact.”

The group are all practicing GPs and many are leading members of emergent GP commissioning consortia in the South Central strategic health authority area