Issues of public health past and present have emerged in Surrey and its surrounding area.

While the world and his wife has seemingly come out against the Health Bill over the last month or so, this cannot be said for the fledgling health and wellbeing board in Surrey. Soon to be responsible for joined-up thinking on public health across the county, it is co-chaired by GP Joe McGilligan and Michael Gosling, council cabinet member for adult social care and health.

They were among nearly 60 signatories of a letter in the Daily Telegraph on 28 January. It said the NHS would be “in peril” if the health reforms were dropped. The council even press released its involvement.

Dr McGilligan was quoted as saying: “Opposition from the likes of the British Medical Association does not represent the views of GPs who are already commissioning services.”

For the record, Mr Gosling said: “We’re already pushing ahead on closer cooperation between health and social care for the benefit of people in Surrey.”

This kind of positive attitude could be needed to help turn around public health in their corner of the country. South East Coast Ambulance Service Foundation Trust has just spent £400,000 on three ambulances specially designed for obese patients.

Meanwhile Croydon Health Services Trust recently said goodbye to the Burger King that had been in the main reception of Croydon University Hospital – formerly Mayday University Hospital – for 14 years. Although the fast food outlet was not really on-message regarding healthy eating, Croydon Council had awarded it the full five stars for its hygiene standards in November. It was replaced by a Costa Coffee as part of a revamp.