COMMERCIAL: South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has reduced the fee for long stay parking but increased the rate for short stays.

The new fees, which come into force on April 1, will be:

0 – 2 hours                              £2.30(old fee £2)
2 – 3 hours  £3.00  (no change)
3 – 4 hours£4.80(no change)
4 – 5 hours£5.00(no change)
5 – 8 hours   £5.00  (old fee £6)
8 – 24 hours£5.00(old fee £10)


Trust director of planning Jill Moulton said: “We’ve reduced the higher charges for long-stay car parking as we have recognised it does cause people concern if they find themselves – or their relatives – staying in hospital longer than expected. Also this brings us more in line with surrounding hospitals.

“While we have increased the short-stay car parking charges, this extra income will be re-invested in measures to improve the car parks on the site and also into the trust’s green travel plan which looks at offering alternative solutions to patients, visitors and staff including walking, cycling, car share schemes and public transport.”

Mr Moulton added: “As part of our PFI – private finance initiative – hospital contract with our private sector partners, which is linked to the retail price index, we are obliged to review car parking arrangements and charges every year.”