FINANCE: South Tyneside PCT may “not be sustainable going forward into future years”, because of continuing overspending on secondary care.

Finance board papers for the South of Tyne PCT cluster identify that, although “‘bottom line’ variance within South Tyneside is showing a satisfactory £688,000 surplus, the main driving factors delivering this are budgets that will ultimately transfer to either the Local Authority or the National Commissioning Board post April 2013”.

Local authorities are due to take on budgets for public health, and the NHS Commissioning Board for primary care and some specialist services. That will account for a significant percentage of the total NHS budget.

The board paper says: “The CCG working alongside the PCT must take actions to remedy the secondary care over-performance as current forecasts will not be sustainable going forward into future years.”

In the current year, the paper says, “there is minimal tolerance to handle winter pressures which increases the need for action plans to have some effect in the current year”.