STRUCTURE: South Warwickshire Foundation Trust is planning to spend up to £500,000 redesigning its emergency care pathways to ensure services are safe and comply with national standards.

The trust’s business case admits that the scheme is “not financially desirable in itself” but is necessary to guarantee “emergency flow is delivered safely and in compliance with national and contractual requirements”.

The document says: “It is also expected that this will enable other efficiencies and opportunities in future.”

The proposal will involve hiring an extra 24.6 whole time equivalent clinical staff, and shows a negative return on investment of 11 per cent, leading to an “affordability gap” of between £400,000 and £500,000 a year.

The changes are intended to put patient safety and clinical outcomes “at the centre of our emergency pathway”.

The plan is split into three elements: delivering safe emergency care, including enhanced nursing leadership in the trust’s ambulatory care team; right care in the right place by the right person, which involves “right-sizing” speciality teams so capacity matches demand; and delivering today’s work today, which will expand ward teams and improve timeliness of reviews, interventions and discharges.