WORKFORCE: The primary care trust has made a total of 85 compulsory redundancies across its commissioing and provider arm, according to board minutes.

The minutes of the PCT’s January board meeting note that, in his report, chief executive Andrew Pike “began by informing the board that the implementation of the temporary management structures under the redundancy programme in South West Essex was making progress”.

He said there were approximately 36 voluntary redundancies and 40 compulsory redundancies in the PCT’s commissioning arm. While South West Essex Community Services, the provider part of the organisation, made “about 45 compulsory redundancies”.

However, he added: “While staff had been given notice, vacancies were still available and the final numbers could reduce. While the trade unions still voiced fundamental opposition to the programme, they were working co-operatively with the PCT, and the strategic health authority recognised the progress made.”

Mr Pike is joint chief executive of both NHS South West Essex and NHS South East Essex. The two PCT management teams are being merged as part of a nationwide clustering initiative.