STRUCTURE: Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group has given its support to South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust’s drive for foundation status. It initially opposed the bid on the grounds that the trust’s financial planning was unsound.

The CCG’s concerns included that the trust was relying too much on growing its income rather than cutting its costs, and that its quality, innovation, productivity and prevention plan would not achieve the desired savings.

South West London and St George’s drew up a revised business plan at the end of last year and Sutton CCG is now satisfied that its concerns have been addressed.

Adrian Davey, the CCG’s joint commissioning manager for mental health and learning disabilities, said the group will continue to monitor the trust’s progress closely.

He added: “The CCG will need to ensure that the trust continues to meet its quality requirements and that failure to meet standing financial obligations would not have a negative impact on patient care for Sutton residents.”