FINANCE: South West London and St George’s Mental Health Trust has hit its £8.4m CIP target for 2012-13.

A report to the trust’s finance committee said: “The trust achieved the savings plan of £8.4m through a mixture of actions in line with plan (£6m) and mitigating actions (£2.4m).

“The £8.4m planned savings included the £6.7m target required by the NHS Trust Development Authority and an additional £1.7m to offset the impact of service decommissioning during the 2012-13 commissioning round,” it added.

“The mitigating action of £2.4m included £1.4m to offset slippage of schemes which have already been actioned and will have a full year effect in 2013-14. The balance of £1m primarily relates to the rehabilitation hostels and acute inpatient transformation project both of which are on target to achieve savings during 2013-14.

“Detailed reporting takes place at the Quality and Cost Improvement Group and a summary breakdown is provided on the next page.”