PERFORMANCE: South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust is missing some data quality and information governance indicators.

Board minutes report in relation to performance in October-December, there was a “move in the Monitor governance risk rating” from green to amber/green.

The report stated: “This relates to underperformance on service targets relating to data quality: identified indicators (98.2 per cent against a target of 99 per cent) and data quality: outcomes identified (44.5 per cent against a target of 50 per cent).

It added: “Monitoring through the executive management team has been robust and work within Behavioural Disorders Units will bring the trust up to target in Quarter four.”

The same board minutes note the trust is “some way from achieving the 95 per cent target for all staff to undertake training on information governance. Although there is no financial penalty attached to the target, it will be an issue for the Care Quality Commission”.