PERFORMANCE: Activity levels in the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth primary care trust cluster area continue to be up on last year and higher than planned.

The cluster reported in July a “significant over performance” in the year to date in all measures except ordinary electives, which were still 4.8 per cent over plan.

First outpatient attendances following GP referral were 16.2 per cent over plan, while written GP outpatient referrals were 12.5 per cent over plan. Total elective general and acute day cases were 12.3 per cent over plan.

However the cluster, which has a well-established pattern of higher than planned demand for services, said that some of the over-performance in April and May reflected the eight per cent rise in working days on last year.

Board papers for July said: “The 2012-13 plans did not take account of the influence of the bank holidays year on year, being purely based on a standard seasonality.”

Over-performance was expected to drop in June as there were three fewer working days in that month this year compared to last.