FINANCE: Southampton and Hampshire primary care trusts have had to use contingency funding to offset overperformance on acute contracts.

Board papers for the Southampton, Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Portsmouth primary care trust cluster show that all four PCTs are either achieving or slightly beating their surplus/deficit targets for 2011-12 at month seven.

However “Southampton and Hampshire are applying circa 7/12ths of their contingency budgets in order to report these positions to offset over performance risks on acute contracts,” the paper says.

Although NHS Southampton is not reaching its efficiency goals under the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention programme, this was being offset by “remedial action plans and budget review elsewhere”.

Meanwhile NHS Hampshire is reporting a £4.2m underachievement, “but this will improve to year end to £1.7m”.

The underperformance was attributed to referral to treatment issues, prescribing and unscheduled care.

NHS Portsmouth is reporting under achievement to date of £200,000, reflecting the fact that £300,000 of its QIPP programme is unidentified. “There are issues with unscheduled care in particular,” the board papers say.