FINANCE: Southampton City primary care trust is planning to bid for £1.5m of additional funding from NHS South Central, to invest in stroke care services.

The cash accounts for most of the £2.5m, or 2 per cent of total funds, topsliced from the primary care trust by the strategic health authority at the beginning of the financial year.

Papers from the 11 May board meeting of Southampton City PCT show the money can be released to the PCT, but only where a business case has been made for non-recurrent expenditure.

“Bids are required to be in respect of transitional support for transformed care pathways, or the cost redundancies again associated with transformational change,” the papers say.

The PCT is working to re-commission its stroke care pathway, “whereby the providers will incur double running costs in the short term and where in the next year existing costs are planned to begin to reduce”.

Further bids for the remaining £1m of top-sliced funding are anticipated “to be associated with other care pathway transformation”.