PERFORMANCE: Southern Health’s adult mental health and learning disability directorate is falling behind on a number of compliance targets, and is reporting an overspend for the first month of 2011-12.

Trust board papers reported a year to date overspend of £30.3m. However, the trust said this was actually a typing error and the correct figure was £300,000.

The overspend is due to higher than expected spending on private placements for eating disorder clients requiring tube feeding, lower levels of non-contracted income, and a slippage in cost improvement programme savings.

However, all divisions are still expecting to break even by the end of the year.

Board papers, obtained by HSJ under the Freedom of Information Act, show that although most performance targets were met, the trust fell short against an indicator measuring early interventions in psychosis cases.

Twelve new referrals were needed in April to meet the Monitor target of 95 per cent, the trust’s mental health and disability report says. However the trust managed just seven – or 55.6 per cent.

“Discussions with the EIP teams have taken place and it is anticipated that the Monitor threshold of 37 cases will be achieved by the end of Quarter 1,” the report said, noting that the number of new cases confirmed in April is historically low.

The trust also admitted it was falling short against a target for dealing with complaints within the required timescale. Just one complaint was dealt with on time in April, against a possible eight.

“The process for managing complaints centrally is presently under review to ensure it is fit for purpose for the new trust,” the report said.