FINANCE: A ‘block contract’ with the trust’s main commissioners has lost it around £1.6m for the year to date, its latest finance report suggests.

The report, covering the trust’s financial performance for the first 11 months of 2011-12, states: “The Trust is essentially on a ‘block contract’ with its two main commissioners NHS Sefton and NHS Central Lancashire.

“Activity performance varies across points of delivery but, to date, elective, outpatient and A&E activity is higher than the same period in 2010-11 whilst non electives are slightly lower.

“Overall, the financial value of the activity performance would generate the Trust an additional £2.9 million this year under a [payment by results] contract although £1.3m has been received non-recurringly in recognition of this performance.”

However, the report added that following the receipt of additional funding in December, together with a reduced level of spending, it had increased its forecast surplus for the year to £300,000.

Southport and Ormskirk originally planned for a £1.7m surplus in 2011-12, but had cut its forecast to breakeven halfway through the financial year.