Office of the Joint Trust Special Administrators, Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust: notification of intent to conduct a market engagement exercise

Monitor has appointed Joint Trust Special Administrators (TSAs) for Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust (MSFT). The TSAs are following a statutory process to develop a plan to deliver sustainable services for the local population of Mid Staffordshire. The first day of this process was 16 April 2013 and the TSA will be required to deliver a draft report to Monitor within 45 working days.

In February 2013, the Monitor-appointed Contingency Planning Team conducted a wide ranging initial survey of providers interested in delivering services in the MSFT local health economy area. Several providers responded to this market survey, indicating an interest in delivering some of the services currently delivered by MSFT. It is the intention of the TSAs to now conduct a more detailed market engagement exercise. Providers who have previously indicated an interest have been informed of this intention and the purpose of this notification is to inform all other providers.

Inviting responses

On Monday 22 April 2013, the TSAs will make available to interested providers a memorandum containing further information on the market engagement exercise, and will be inviting responses for proposals for the delivery of services currently delivered by MSFT. The TSAs will also be making available data associated with MSFT which providers may wish to take into consideration when preparing their response. Details of how you can obtain that memorandum are set out at the end of this notice. Before the TSAs send the memorandum, or provide any data, you will be required to complete a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). In addition to the memorandum, the TSAs will be holding a briefing event during the week commencing 22 April 2013 and will extend an invite to this separately.

It is expected that you will be invited to respond to the delivery of services in line with one or more of the following[1]:

  • The full range of services currently delivered by MSFT at both Stafford and Cannock Hospitals;
  • The range of services specified as Location Specific Services (previously called Protected Services) or defined as commissioning intentions by the local CCGs. Your response may be to deliver the services recommended for either Stafford or Cannock or for both Stafford and Cannock;
  • An alternative range of services to which may or may not be currently delivered by MSFT. The range of services proposed must include the Location Specific Services agreed by Cannock Chase and Stafford & Surrounds CCGs[2]. Your response may be to deliver an alternative range of services in one of Stafford or Cannock or for both Stafford and Cannock.

This market engagement exercise is intended to assess the potential capability of a range of providers to deliver these services and is not part of a procurement process. In particular, note that no contract will be awarded as a result of this exercise (although the information gained may be used in contracting and procurement decisions and processes). At this stage, the TSAs are solely seeking to obtain more detail on how providers could sustainably deliver a range of services currently provided by MSFT.

‘This engagement forms part of the work being undertaken by the TSAs to develop potential solutions to ensure the sustainability of services’

Please note that in seeking these responses, it does not imply that services currently delivered by MSFT will in the future be provided by an alternative provider; this process is part of our wider work with those interested in delivering and commissioning services, as well as other stakeholders in this health economy. This engagement forms part of the work being undertaken by the TSAs to develop potential solutions to ensure the sustainability of services. It will contribute to the development of the recommendations in the draft report that the TSAs will provide to Monitor, which it is anticipated will be submitted during the week commencing 24 June 2013. The recommendations in that draft report will then be consulted upon before a final report is submitted to Monitor, and may form part of the recommendations to Monitor and the Secretary of State for Health. No recommendations will be implemented until a decision is made by the Secretary of State. You will of course, also, have further opportunities to comment on and contribute to the consultation in due course.

Responses to the market assessment will need to be submitted by 5pm on 14 May 2013.

To register your interest, and to receive a copy of the memorandum, details of the data room, and the NDA providers will be required to sign please contact:

[1] You will not be obliged to respond to all of the options outlined in the memorandum.

[2] The location specific services represent the de minimis set of services to be delivered in Stafford and Cannock, following consultation with the local CCGs. The list of these services will be published as part of the memorandum.