At the forefront of innovative managed laboratory services for a decade, Roche’s new managed pathology service delivers an efficient, high quality end-to-end pathology service that answers to the individual challenges faced by clinical teams.

Roche introduce Optimall Managed Pathology Service

Only Roche Optimall delivers a holistic approach that brings clinical, operational, financial and strategic delivery.

Optimall from Roche is like no other managed pathology service. The product of 10 years’ experience, the Optimall service is so much more than the provision of industry-leading diagnostic platforms. It is a strategic partnership designed to meet the specific needs of individual laboratories, large or small, that delivers an efficient, high quality end-to-end pathology service. 

Roche has been at the forefront of innovative managed laboratory services for a decade and, with over 100 Roche managed solutions installed across the UK and Ireland, no one is better placed to understand your needs and the challenges you face.  When you choose Optimall, the expertise and resources available within Roche are at your disposal, to support you in your decision making and to help you achieve operational excellence. 

Optimall operational, financial and patient benefits 

The efficient and effective delivery of your pathology service is key to patient welfare.

Approximately three quarters of all diagnostic decisions are thought to be directly influenced by laboratory test results. As personalised healthcare grows, with patients becoming more demanding and Government setting new challenges in pathology and laboratory medicine, an Optimall managed pathology service provides you with beneficial results now, and in the future.

Optimall delivers improved process efficiencies and greater productivity; control over financial expenditure and a true understanding of your spend; and a strategic working relationship with Roche that is a true partnership.

”With Optimall, we have broken down the traditional customer/supplier relationship to become much more of a partnership, where we are walking closely alongside our customers to understand and meet their needs,” explains Roche National Sales manager for Managed Services, Paul Skingley. 

“We have a wealth of expertise at Roche, gained over many years’ experience in designing and implementing managed pathology services, and this allows us to be flexible and strategic in our approach so that we can support every laboratory on an individual basis. That is the beauty of Optimall – it simply asks the question, ‘how can we help you to deliver a pathology service that is lean, competitive  and effective?’ and we will provide different bespoke solutions for every organisation.”

Optimall flexibility

No two laboratories are the same. At Roche, we understand the need for flexibility to meet individual needs and fluctuating workload demands. For this reason, Optimall is not a rigid arrangement but a truly bespoke managed pathology service that is adaptable according to your particular requirements and capacity. 

Thanks to our long history and expertise, we are able to support you in every aspect of your service, from sample collection to result delivery. 

There will be few challenges that we haven’t encountered before, so whatever you require don’t be afraid to ask if we can incorporate your needs as part of your Optimall managed pathology service. 

For example, we can help your teams get more from their budgets by providing service planning and design across departments. This will provide the benefits of consolidation, with quality whilst driving efficiencies. We ensure that your solution is achievable, fit for purpose and sustainable in the long term. 

We can manage your equipment to ensure that you have the ideal up-to-date platforms, from Roche and third party suppliers, to meet your analytical and service requirements. 

We can provide project management and consultancy support to help you get the most from your solution throughout the life of the contract. We can even help you with staff training, inventory control and transportation of samples and waste removal.

Whatever your needs, Optimall will help you to optimise your service for today and to future proof your laboratory for tomorrow, with operational and financial risk shared.

Optimall efficiency

We will partner with you to ensure optimum efficiency within your laboratory, analysing your requirements and working closely with your team to achieve your specific goals.

Optimall allows you to benefit from equipment upgrades and new technology, and provides complete end-to-end supply chain analysis to ensure efficient and cost effective use of reagents and other consumables. 

The experts in the dedicated Optimall team include experienced commercial managers, project managers and specialist consultants who can help you to streamline your processes and to optimise your operation. They will track the performance of your managed pathology service to ensure it is working to its maximum potential and to identify areas in which we can support you further. The efficiency benefits that you experience will filter down throughout the hospital, keeping commissioners happy and ultimately helping to improve patient pathways.

Your diagnostics companion

With experience and expertise in the development of pharmaceuticals as well as diagnostic tests and platforms, Roche has a strong understanding of the complete patient pathway and the value of companion diagnostics in personalised healthcare. This knowledge enables us to deliver diagnostic solutions that provide both testing efficiency and medical value, and Optimall allows us to present them to you in a managed service that is flexible and clinically relevant for today’s pathology environment.

We are passionate about bringing you continual improvement and progress. That is why we are the leading managed pathology service provider in the UK. Partner with us to take optimum advantage of our experience and expertise.

To find out more about how an Optimall managed pathology service can meet your needs, download the new Optimall brochure here, contact us by email: or telephone: 0444 1256 000.