FINANCE: The minutes of the trust’s finance & investment committee said each of the clinical divisions had been asked to “improve profitability”.

The report said: “Each of the four divisional clinical chairs and the relevant divisional directors of operations [were invited] to give an overview of their division, the financial state of the division, the service line reporting position for each of the service lines in the division and plans to improve profitability.

“In addition key directorates were reviewed in detail where either the income and expenditure position of the directorate was an issue or the directorate had a poor SLR position, to discuss what the key issues were and how performance could be improved.”

The minutes said the issues included: “Urgent need to introduce more rigorous project management techniques into the planning and delivery of the trust’s cost reduction programme, need for better analysis of the movement in staffing levels to explain their cause and protect the trust’s margin, need for the Annual Plan surplus target to be based on a rigorous bottom up approach, need for all the divisions to prepare each year a 3-5 year plan to move to an SLR surplus, or to further improve their SLR surplus and a need to issue invoices sooner to improve cash flow.”