PERFORMANCE: St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals Trust had three organ donors in 2011-12, resulting in eight organ donations, a report to its May board meeting states.

One of these, in October, was the trust’s “first proceeding Donor after Circulatory Death. Since then, the trust has seen another two proceeding DCD donors – in April 2012 – both of which were identified in its emergency department.

“The identification of these donors has come from a large education campaign (‘Have a heart’) launched in [the emergency department] in Feb 2012, led by Clare Harrop (CH), specialist nurse for organ donation,… and the model she used has now been copied in other centres in the UK,” report continues.

However, it adds that in 2011-12 the trust had four “missed potential donors”. The report said that “all of these have had root cause analysis completed and actions taken to prevent reoccurrence”.