PERFORMANCE: The trust missed referral to treatment waiting targets for Knowsley patients in five specialties in November, latest figures show.

New board papers for NHS Knowsley show that the ear, nose and throat, trauma and orthopaedics, and general surgery departments at the foundation all missed the target to treat 90 per cent of admitted patients within 18 weeks.

The dermatology and oral surgery specialties both missed the target to treat 95 per cent of non-admitted patients within the same time frame.

The NHS Knowsley performance report said that overall the trust had met the targets, as had all its other providers..

It added: “Ensuring that 18 week Referral To Treatment is met by all specialties does however remain challenging given that very small numbers of patients not commencing treatment within 18 weeks can make the difference between hitting or missing the target in some specialties.”

St Helens and Knowsley’s oral surgery specialty missed the non-admitted RTT target because two patients waited over 18 weeks, while ENT missed the admitted target due to over-long waits for three patients.