FINANCE:  The primary care trust reported a surplus of £46,000 at the end of February, with a forecast outturn of breakeven.

The PCT’s financial plan for 2010-11 was forecasting a planned revenue surplus of £750,000, reduced from the original forecast of £4.5m. But the current forecast position is now to achieve statutory break even.

According to board papers, NHS South Staffordshire said: “The financial report reflects year to date over performance against main acute service level agreements of £9.3m. The forecast outturn is a net over spend of £10.7m.”

It said the over-spend on the main contracts was being mitigated by the quality, innovation, productivity and prevention reserve, the return of £3m summary care record funding and under spends on other small contracts.

The report noted: “This is the second year in which significant over performance in associate contracts has occurred.

“The increases over the last three years cannot be sustained, especially given the anticipated level of funding growth over the next three years will be minimal. Robust financial recovery plans for 2011-12 and 2012-13 must be implemented to ensure contracts do not over perform or proactive management takes place.”