STRUCTURE: A raft of NHS organisations have signed up to a new independent body created by a Midlands county council to improve public confidence in the health and social care sector.

Engaging Communities Staffordshire is an independent community interest company created by Staffordshire County Council in the wake of the Mid Staffs care scandal.

It will bring together data, intelligence, public views, information and feedback on the quality of all health and social care services across the county.

Among the organisations to have signed up include the University Hospital of North Staffordshire and the Staffordshire Cluster of PCTs.

The council is still in talks with the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust which has been involved in the project from the beginning.

Signing up to the body means organisations will work with ECS to look at feedback and engagement, and ultimately improve services.

ECS was created after a public consultation found there was overwhelming demand from residents to be able to influence the way vital services are set up and provided.

Dawn Wickham, director of partnerships and planning for the Staffordshire Cluster of PCTs, said: “It is important that we have systems that allow people to give their views and experiences of services across health and social care.

“Each public service organisation has their own formal routes, but Engaging Communities Staffordshire wants to capture all the informal comments about services so we can truly listen to what experiences people are having and put in place actions to improve all services.”