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    Stephen Eames on managing the future of the NHS


    At a recent trust board seminar to review our performance and development over the past year, we recognised that we were at a watershed moment. We acknowledged the years ahead would be driven by the recession and the multibillion pound recovery programme the government intends to generate from public services.

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    Stephen Eames on defending district general hospitals


    Reconfiguration of acute and community services is bound to be on the cards again, once the dust has settled on the autumn QIPP and Monitor downside submissions.

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    Stephen Eames on dementia strategy


    I was startled when our nursing director pointed out that at any one time there could be up to 400 patients with dementia occupying beds in our hospitals.

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    Stephen Eames on the need to make changes


    Sunday morning and it looks as if it is going to be a hot day - a precursor to a long hot summer dominated by organising surge plans to combat pandemic flu, while digesting the impact of another central initiative on quality, innovation, improvement and productivity, otherwise known as “QIPP”.

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    Stephen Eames on large scale health solutions


    Writing this, I know there will be catcalls from many quarters because as a chief executive of a large acute organisation I will be regarded as self interested, self serving or at worst unreconstructed, but here goes.

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    Stephen Eames on the quest for quality


    At a recent meeting, a colleague likened the current welter of initiatives on quality to being “tied down like Gulliver”. It’s not that I argue with the importance of providing safe, high quality care - far from it - but I have some sympathy with the view that there is ...

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    Stephen Eames on patients driving change


    Delivering radical reform in public services was the government’s battle cry in last month’s white paper Working Together - Public Services on Your Side. Given the parlous state of the country’s finances, the message will be exactly the same from any future government.

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    Stephen Eames on the new NHS leadership


    I recently read some research comparing performance between NHS hospitals and UK private sector hospitals and industrial companies.

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    Stephen Eames on managing the NHS


    I spent a significant chunk of my Christmas break dealing with the 'here and now' while also reflecting on the harsh year we all face.

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    Stephen Eames on managing by fear


    Up here in the North East the community is still reeling from the collapse of Northern Rock and is now watching with horror the ongoing farcical spectacle that is Newcastle United Football Club.