FINANCE: The foundation had over-performed on its contract with NHS Stockport by £2.5m by the end of January, board papers from the primary care trust show.

But the commissioner forecast that, by the end of 2010-11, its overspend on the £145.6m contract with Stockport FT would be reduced to £1.7m.

NHS Stockport also noted that the foundation’s performance on 18-week waiting targets for elective activity had “deteriorated” in December.

The PCT said: “Of particular concern is the increase in the number of  patients who have not been treated and already breached 18 weeks. At present the timeline and actions for remedying this position are yet to be formally agreed between the two organisations.”

It added: “The 18 week position has not been driven by GP referrals which remain largely static.”

According to a contract performance report also presented to the board, the median wait for treatment at the hospital was at 9.4 weeks for admitted patients by January.

For non-admitted patients it was at 5.7 weeks, and showing an upward trend.