FINANCE: The primary care trust has reported that its turnaround plan to deliver £17.4m of cash releasing efficiency savings this year will fall short by £7m.

The main element of the shortfall will be a plan to make £5m a year efficiency savings on unscheduled care admissions. This element of the turnaround was intended to save the PCT £4.6m in 2010-11, but is now not expected to deliver any savings at all this year.

Planned efficiency savings on unscheduled care demand and prescribing are also expected to fall seriously short of the original plan.

According to the board’s latest financial performance report, the shortfall is being offset by “additional ‘in-year’ measures” which will improve the commissioner’s financial position by £8m this year.

At the end of January, NHS Stockport was reporting a surplus of £283,000, and forecasting a surplus of £340,000 for the financial year.