I was pleased to see your story highlighting the importance of prevention in reducing the burden of stroke care in London, writes Chris Streather

The Healthcare for London team has set three priorities for delivering improvement in stroke care - prevention, hyper acute care, and rehabilitation and long-term care. The need to do this has been clearly demonstrated by a number of pieces of evidence, not least the 2006 Sentinel Audit.

The clinical and social services expert panel we have established reflects these priorities and the importance of the whole pathway. There is no risk that we will underestimate the impact of public health, nor miss the opportunity to address health inequalities.

Next month we are holding our second London-wide event with stakeholders, focused on prevention and rehabilitation. When we have considered the outcome of the recently completed public consultation, we will work with commissioners to issue guidance for the whole pathway.

Dr Chris Streather, clinical director, stroke pathway, Healthcare for London