PERFORMANCE: Suffolk Mental Health Partnership is addressing the concerns of a highly critical report published in May, the trust has claimed.

The foundation trust regulator Monitor last week announced that the trust’s takeover by Norfolk and Waveney MH Foundation Trust would go ahead, despite warnings from the NHS Cooperation and Competition Panel. Following the annoucement the trust published a document outlining its progress on address concerns raised in the Rae Report.

The report’s many findings included serious problems with addressing serious incidents and the fact that child safeguarding was “inadequate” and there was “no provision for adult safeguarding”.

The trust’s director of nursing and quality Barbara McLean said that every single one of the recommendations had either been completed or remedial actions were in progress.

She said: “Our first concerns are those of patient safety and quality of service. The Rae Report was rightly critical of the governance of the Trust at the time – since then, we have made considerable progress on each and every action and are pleased that we are now on the right path.

“All this has been thanks to the hard work and professionalism of our staff, who have been determined to work together to make this happen.

“Thanks to them, we have new reporting structures, new models for clinical supervision, better alert systems and a clinical workforce that is truly engaged in the management of the Trust. And that’s just to cite a few examples