PERFORMANCE: The number of official “compliments” from patients and carers out-number complaints by nearly four to one, the trust has claimed.

In a press statement, the trust said it received 115 official compliments between 1 October and 31 December last year. During the same period 30 official complaints were received.

The services receiving the largest proportion of feedback – 19 complaints and 38 compliments – were the trust’s mental health services for working age adults.

The figures were taken from the trust’s quarterly “expert” report summarising feedback received from patients and carers.

The trust said the gap between the number of compliments and complaints is widening.

It said during the first quarter of this financial year (1st April to 30 June) the trust received 56 official letters complimenting services compared to 36 complaints. In the second quarter (1July to 30 September), it received 92 compliments and 31 complaints.