PERFORMANCE: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has introduced a new patient experience management programme, which its manufacturers claim is “set to take patient feedback to a new level”.

The trust is implementing the “Your Care Matters” programme in East Surrey Hospital in partnership with Empathica, a company specialising in customer experience management.

The programme collects feedback from patients and offers continuous performance feedback to its ward managers, enabling them to implement improvements.

It builds on the question used in the “friends and family” test by following it up with a number of key questions to “drill down to the finer points of the patient experience”.

Following a three month pilot that ran across 24 inpatient wards at East Surrey Hospital, the trust implemented the programme in its emergency department and it is now being rolled out to outpatients, day surgery units, endoscopy and chemotherapy services.

The programme also allows patients to identify where they have received exceptional care. Using Empathica’s WOW system, patient feedback is flagged up to the relevant manager, allowing them to commend specific employees for their care. 

Trust chief executive Michael Wilson said: “The thinking behind the new programme came from wanting our patients to feel that East Surrey Hospital is at the heart of their community and that we welcome their ideas to help us improve.

“We wanted to move past static measures of performance to a more ‘caring’ solution that gauges our patients’ experience and most importantly, enables us to take actions based upon their views.”