PERFORMANCE: The trust has completed an internal review into end of life care sparked by an episode of the Channel 4 Dispatches programme.

The review identified weaknesses in multi-disciplinary working at the trust.

The Dispatches programme, broadcast in February, focussed on three palliative care patients. One was Ken Rasheed, an 80-year-old patient with Parkinson’ disease, who died in December 2010 at East Surrey Hospital three months after being admitted following a stroke.

Mr Rasheed had problems swallowing but the programme suggested that trust nursing staff failed to realise this on numerous occasions when trying to feed him or give him medication.

In a statement dated 29 July, trust chief executive Michael Wilson said: “Like everyone, I was saddened by the Dispatches programme on end of life care. At the time I personally apologised to Mr Ken Rasheed’s family, and said that we would investigate the issues that had been raised.

“This week we received the final report into the investigation of the care Mr Rasheed received whilst in East Surrey Hospital at the end of last year. Jo Thomas, our chief nurse, met with Mr Rasheed’s wife and daughter last week to share the findings of the investigation with them.”

He said the review team looked at all of Mr Rasheed’s care and noted areas of good practice, but also noted a number of aspects of care which “were not in accordance with best practice at the time”.

“In particular the report raised some key learning points around the way our multi-disciplinary teams worked together,” he said.

“Although the Dispatches programme focussed on Mr Rasheed’s care on Godstone ward, the issues around nutrition and medicines management are the responsibility of all multi-disciplinary team members and health professionals.”

The Care Quality Commission recently confirmed that East Surrey Hospital was meeting its required dignity and nutrition standards for older patients.

Despite this, Mr Wilson said: “There is still learning to be had from this investigation and this will be shared across the organisation. Education and training on key issues will also be enhanced.”