FINANCE: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust was reporting a year to date deficit at the end of February of £1.5m – an increase of £0.5 from January.

The February position was adverse to the original plan by £5.5m but favourable to a revised forecast profile by £0.3m.

Board papers state: “It is favourable after PCT contract renegotiation and non recurrent income due from the SHA setting off underachievement of the recovery plan. Divisions are not delivering to forecasts and action plans due to operational pressures.”

Overall the finance report said the forecast for the year “remains at breakeven” but with an impairment forecast at £1.0m – which provides a technical deficit of that amount in addition.

The report adds: “There is a £0.6m risk to the breakeven position, including £0.3 relating to divisional overspends linked to the operational pressures. The risk is expected to be managed.”