FINANCE: Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has admitted that the risk to it delivering a £6.1m deficit by the end of the financial year “remains high”.  

Board papers for the third quarter showed that the deficit at month nine, December, was £4.5m but “the forecast outturn remains £6.1m deficit”.

The latest finance report identified two main risks to the £6.1m deficit. It said one of these was “contract challenge” from NHS Surrey, which the trust said it expects to manage “through the contract process – but this risk is estimated at £2m”.

The second is “the displacement of elective activity by non elective activity which is being discussed as part of the delivery of the accelerated 18 week clearance plan, and is likely to require external support”. This risk is estimated at £1.3m.

“Other risks and mitigations are expected to be managed,” the board papers said.