STRUCTURE:  NHS Surrey and Surrey Community Health have announced joint plans to improve care for patients who need neuro-rehabilitation services in west Surrey.  

The proposals aim to improve the way complex specialist rehabilitation care is provided for people who have experienced a head injury, stroke or another acute neurological trauma.

It also includes care for those with an existing long-term neurological condition that has deteriorated or changed in some way, meaning they need intensive support.

The proposals include plans for:

  • A specialist home-based neuro-rehabilitation service to help people get the right support at home.
  • A specialist community hospital based neuro-rehabilitation service for patients who need more intensive rehabilitation care in hospital.
  • A specialist “in-reach” neuro-rehabilitation service where healthcare professionals visit patients in acute hospitals and specialist centres to assess them and plan their care.  
  • Specialist “out-reach” neuro-rehabilitation support where clinicians carry out assessments and give advice and information in the community.
  • A central referral system, making it easier for clinicians to make referrals for patients who need to access neuro-rehabiliation services. This will also ensure a co-ordinated approach across west Surrey.

The closing date for comments on the proposals is 23 December.