STRUCTURE: Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group has been authorised but with seven conditions.

The conditions imposed on the CCG by the NHS Commissioning Board are:

  • 1.3B: CCG governing body includes nurse and secondary care doctor
  • 4.2.1E: CCG has arrangements in place to proactively identify early warnings of a failing service
  • 4.2.3D: CCG has established appropriate systems for safeguarding
  • 5.3B: Clear line of accountability for safeguarding is reflected in CCG governance arrangements, and CCG has arrangements in place to co-operate with the local authority in the operation of the Local Safeguarding Children Board and the Safeguarding Adults Board
  • 5.3C: CCG has secured the expertise of a designated doctor and nurse for safeguarding children and for looked after children, and a designated paediatrician for unexpected deaths in childhood
  • 6.4F: Chief Finance Officer and Chair of governing body secured in line with national role outlines, attributes and competencies
  • 6.4G: Senior in-house management roles in CCG provide adequate capacity and capability to maintain strategic oversight with available resources