FINANCE: Sussex Community NHS Trust lost over £50,000 last year through losses and compensations, board papers show.

Details from a trust report reveal that its net financial losses and compensations for 2010-11 totalled £50,456.94. Of this, payments worth £28,315 have already been made while a further £22,142 is expected to be lost through debt write-offs.

The report states: “The total losses and compensations charge reflected in the trust accounts is £50,457, which includes the actual payments made and the provision charge.”

Of this total, more than £20,000 was lost through staff compensation claims and salary overpayment.

For example, it includes a £10,000 settlement of costs on a closed staff compensation claim, a £5,000 interim payment of costs on an on-going staff compensation claim, and £2,525 on another ongoing claim. Additionally, a £3,332.39 salary overpayment to a bankrupt ex-employee was deemed “no longer recoverable”, the report said.

The trust also made payments worth £1,149 in relation to five incidents of inpatients’ spectacles being lost or broken. It also paid out 2,265 on two lost or broken hearing aids worth, and £198 on a set of lost dentures.