FINANCE: NHS Swindon’s individual funding request panel approved three out of 21 cases considered in the first three months of 2011.

The panel received 138 applications between January and March, however 117 of them were not considered and either referred back to the applicant who had the low priority treatment policy explained to them, or referred to commissioning staff.

Of those that were considered, two requests for breast implant replacements were turned down along with two applications for breast reductions and one for “breast augmentation for asymmetry”. A request for a “freedom wig” of real human hair was also dismissed as were nine out of the 11 requests for drugs.

Requests for Rituximab to treat vasculitis and Denosumab for pre-operative tumour shrinkage were approved as was stereostatic radiosurgery for a patient with cancer of the sinus in the orbital bone.