The number of people newly diagnosed with swine flu in England continues to fall, with an estimated 5,000 cases last week, figures reveal.

According to government statistics, the number of people who have died after contracting the virus now stands at 57 in England, which was 54 the previous week with an estimated 11,000 new cases.

A total of 263 people were under treatment for swine flu in hospital previously, of whom 30 were in intensive care. But last week the count came down to 218 people, with 31 in intensive care.

In October, vaccinations are expected start with people in at-risk groups, including those with asthma and diabetes.

Pharmaceutical firm Baxter has delivered about 200,000 doses of the swine flu vaccine in the UK.

And more than 460,000 packets of the antiviral Tamiflu have been given out through the government’s national pandemic flu service since it launched in July, with many more people collecting the drug from their GPs.

A total of 65 people have died in the UK after contracting swine flu. Six deaths were recorded in Scotland, one in Wales and one in Northern Ireland alongside those in England.