COMMERCIAL: The primary care trust is inviting bids for a contract worth as much as £10m to provide up to 40 community-based intermediate care beds in the locality.

According to an invitation to tender published by the commissioner, the beds need to be available for use by 1 November this year, and in the first instance will be occupied by patients being “stepped down” from acute hospital care.

It states that the contract will likely last for three years, with an opportunity to extend, and be worth between £100,000 and £10m.

“There is a requirement to provide up to 40 intermediate care beds in the Tameside locality; commissioners already have access to an inpatient facility at Shire Hill Hospital, Glossop,” the PCT states. “The Tameside beds will be situated in a suitable location such as a care or nursing home and need to be available for occupancy no later than 1 November 2012, but there maybe the opportunity for an earlier phased implementation. 

“In the first instance the cohort of service users are anticipated to be patients being stepped down from acute secondary care.  Step up provision is likely to be adopted during the lifetime of the contract and the pace will be agreed with the provider and other stakeholders as patient pathways are developed.”