PERFORMANCE: The foundation trust closed 2010-11 with a year-end deficit of £1.39m, and a red rating for governance from FT regulator Monitor.

Latest published board papers from Tameside state that the regulator’s assessment of the foundation trust’s governance risk was driven to the highest level by a combination of quality and financial concerns.

Tameside breached its Clostridium difficile target, experiencing 114 cases against an annual limit of 90, and was subject to one “moderate” concern about the trust held by the Care Quality Commission.

The foundation trust’s April chief executive’s report states that, statistically these two issues would “normally produce a governance risk rating of amber-red”.

But it adds: “The trust’s financial situation has resulted in Monitor declaring the trust to be in significant breach of its terms of authorisation which has, resulted in Monitor automatically overriding the governance classification to red”.