PERFORMANCE: The foundation trust has admitted failings in the care of a 12-year-old girl with cerebral palsy who died of blood poisoning after being admitted to Tameside Hospital’s children’s unit.

Stockport coroner John Pollard yesterday recorded a narrative verdict in an inquest into the February 2011 death of Emma Louise Stones.

“She was admitted to the unit and examined by junior and middle grade medical staff during the course of that evening and night,” he stated. “The nature and content of the review by medical and nursing staff were such as failed to recognise and acknowledge the seriousness of her condition and she died on the morning of 7 February 2011.

“If the observations had been performed more accurately and the treatment had been instigated at an earlier stage than was actually the case, the liklihood is that Emma would have survived.”

Tariq Mahmood, Tameside Hospital’s medical director, said Emma had been a regular patient at the children’s unit and the trust knew her family well.

“This has been a lengthy and thorough investigation by the Coroner which we have fully supported and we accept his findings today,” he added.

“We acknowledge that the standard of care which we gave Emma was not acceptable and there were errors of judgement by individual members of staff. We have apologised to Emma’s family for this failure.”

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