Kodak Alaris has been working with NHS trusts for over three decades, building scanning solutions that capture information from documents and route accurate data directly into EMR systems. Here, healthcare sector specialist and channel sales manager Robbie Trower, discusses how digital transformation starts with Kodak Alaris

Digital processes demand digital inputs and the processing of them in an automated and intelligent way. Accurate data capture is the first step in any digital transformation and is also arguably the most important component in terms of ensuring successful outcomes. However, in order to extract reliable accurate data from documents and then process that information for delivery into systems like electronic medical records, it’s absolutely critical that you capture high-quality images.

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Superior image quality

The better the image, the more accurate the captured data will be. Document scanners from Kodak Alaris are renowned in the industry for their superior image quality and that’s why every day, NHS trusts across the UK, and indeed healthcare agencies and hospitals around the world, rely on scanners from Kodak Alaris to empower their digital transformations.

Moreover, scanners from Kodak Alaris are certified by the leading EMR vendors and have won many industry awards for image quality, data accuracy, and reliability.

With Perfect Page technology, scanners from Kodak Alaris consistently produce high-quality images that are better than the originals – critical to ensuring that data onboarded into EMR systems is accurate and complete. Features such as auto-cropping, auto-orientation, colour sharpening and smoothing, and streak removal ensure accurate capture at the point of data origination, providing peace of mind that onward systems are receiving the right information.

The scanners also come equipped with automatic barcode reading capabilities. By automatically extracting essential data such as patient name, date of birth, consultation dates, and tests taken for example, clinicians and frontline staff don’t have to spend time manually inputting information, which also reduces the risk of human error.

Exceptional paper-handling capabilities

Scanners from Kodak Alaris also have exceptional paper handling capabilities that make it easy to manage a wide variety of document types and sizes, which helps save critical time on document handling and preparation.

For example, Active Feed technology allows for mixed documents including long documents such as ECGs, to be captured with ease and safely scanned. Pages don’t have to be perfectly aligned when placed in the scanner’s document feeder. Active Feed technology jogs the pages to align them for error-free scanning, reducing the need to rescan due to misfeeds caused by poor alignment. Intelligent Document Protection monitors the condition of paper being scanned using ultrasonic sensors to “listen” for problems and alert the user before jams or misfeeds occur.

Intelligent document processing

Scanners and software from Kodak Alaris work seamlessly together to deliver even better capture results and enhance process automation. Our solutions incorporate intelligent automation capabilities including Optical Character Recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition, which enable the automatic extraction of content from paper to digital.

KODAK Info Input Solution is an intelligent document processing software that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business processes – quickly, accurately, and reliably. The solution is built around Kodak Alaris’ unique open intelligence design, in which pre-built models that understand documents are immediately deployed within a workflow process. KODAK Info Input Solution also directly integrates with cloud AI engines from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, and is always leveraging the latest advances in machine learning capabilities to continually optimise and future-proof operations.

Service and support

In addition to being a leader in data capture and processing solutions for healthcare organisations, Kodak Alaris is the only multi-vendor solution provider in the industry and offers service contracts. In-house expert field engineers service all major scanners, microfilm, and storage brands, ensuring clients continue to get value from legacy hardware as well as new technology investments.

With game-changing business value including seamless integration with EMR systems, intelligent automation, superior image quality, and exceptional service support, Kodak Alaris is empowering healthcare providers to streamline their operations, improve data accuracy, and enhance patient care.

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