Cancer care experts in Europe are to make more use of the internet to improve the flow of information between scientists, NHS doctors, drug companies and patients.

The £1m Eurocancercoms project, an initiative of the European Institute of Oncology, will link hospitals, doctors, patient groups and the pharmaceutical industry.

A new website - - gives healthcare professionals and patients access to searchable databases as well as the results of drug and treatment trials.

Project manager professor Richard Sullivan, from King’s College London, said: “This will be the first time that lots of very large groups involved in cancer in Europe have come together to improve cancer communications.

“Eurocancercoms will build on Europe’s strengths in terms of existing cancer networks, cancer information websites and so on. Europe is very diverse, but we will be able to network all these different sources of information together and that’s what makes Eurocancercoms unique.”

Professor Sullivan also heads the European Cancer Managers’ Forum, which looks at cancer research and funding in Europe.