From digital transformation and fleet to financial and estate solutions, Crown Commercial Service is helping the health sector bring power to its procurement.

With tighter NHS budgets and resources, buying products and services is challenging. Working with Crown Commercial Service can help take some pressure off your capital projects.

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Nationally, NHS trusts are tapping into our buying power to access sustainable solutions for their estates and facilities to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, staff, and taxpayers. We provide specialist services from the supply of energy to offsite construction solutions, allowing you to confidently manage your energy budget and improve your estate’s healthcare services and bed capacity sustainably.

Along with the opportunity to work with our health estate experts, we support you throughout the buying process, ensuring you make the most of every pound spent.

Four ways we bring power to health sector procurement projects

1. Digital transformation for health

Technology procurement in the NHS is becoming increasingly important, from network refreshes to artificial intelligence, virtual wards, and patient self-referral. Innovative technology procurement has a “critical” role in patient care.

A robust technology procurement strategy is vital at any stage in your digital transformation journey. Collaboration between your procurement and ICT functions will strengthen value for money, ensuring you can deliver against clear integrated care system requirements and cost improvement programmes.

Our healthcare approach is constantly evolving to keep up with technological advances. CCS is here to help you adopt and use innovative technology to its full potential to benefit patients and staff.

We can support you with market insight and category expertise to help transform how you deliver care and digitise every service across your organisation. Focusing on sustainability and price, we can help you source the necessary technology, from data centres to virtual wards.

2. Renewable energy and cleaner fuels

Reducing emissions across the NHS estate is necessary if the health service is to reach its world-first net zero goal. Energy use in healthcare buildings contributes 25 per cent of the total NHS carbon footprint.

Investing in renewable energy is a core aspect of many NHS Green Plans. Renewable energy can help accelerate decarbonisation and reduce energy costs. Solar panel farms, for example, can provide enough energy to power a hospital in the summer while reducing energy bills throughout the year.

Our decarbonisation solutions are designed to support your NHS Green Plan. You can change your energy, reduce any energy demand, or both. CCS is committed to providing the NHS with routes to supply and buy energy. Our energy solutions include:

  • 100 per cent renewable power that is Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin backed through UK or European sources
  • Clean energy from wind, solar, and hydro – choose energy generated from a specific location or a singular type of generation
  • A variety of cleaner fuels for your heating or automotive needs

3. Cost-effective estate and facilities solutions

Finding the balance between enhancing and future-proofing the NHS estate while meeting demands on space, keeping costs to a minimum, and avoiding disruption of services can be challenging.

Enough essential facilities, such as theatres and wards, can be in short supply, especially at peak times like winter. Modular buildings and mobile units can increase your capacity while providing advantages over “traditional” build solutions, such as cost, speed, and safety.

We can help you manage your building-related needs efficiently and compliantly, control costs, and deliver against government policies. Our agreements cover every stage of your building’s life cycle.

4. Design, construction, and building services

We partnered with NHS England to provide a new route to market for the NHS, ProCure 23, and Construction Works and Associated Services 2 framework, with 42 projects formally awarded through the framework.

P23’s flexible structure allows NHS trusts to buy a range of design, construction, and building services. It also ensures NHS capital works adopt the government’s construction playbook principles and modern construction delivery, focusing on sustainability and social value.

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