HSJ is launching an innovation hub on its website which will serve as a platform for the latest content, resources, research and projects happening in the field of innovation.

A separate LinkedIn group has already been created for this purpose. HSJ’s Innovation Network aims to foster discussions and debates around innovation happening at a global scale − in healthcare sector and others areas − and what the NHS can learn from them. 

The decision to launch these came after the recently concluded Innovation Summit organised by the HSJ.

All the summit attendees had to take pledges towards promoting innovation in the NHS and the healthcare, and there was a nearly unanimous consensus on the need for discussion to go beyond the summit.

The genesis of the idea came from Helen Bevan, of NHS Improving Quality, who was of the view that a lot of innovation related resourcesa are scattered over the internet, which should be consolidated on a single channel so that everyone can access and share them.

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan said: “The summit attendees wanted us to take a lead on this so my pledge was that HSJ will launch an innovation hub and a LinkedIn group to continue the conversation.”

The content in the innovation hub will be both editorially-led and user-generated.

Click here to go to HSJ’s Innovation Network on LinkedIn.