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NHS organisations spend millions on IT projects in a bid to improve services and boost productivity. This is likely to increase in the coming years as more patients are cared for in out-of-hospital environments and swift access to information becomes even more important to both clinicians and managers.

But that spend may not produce the results trusts want unless organisations are clear on the digital experience they are looking to achieve for their staff and patients. This HSJ webinar, in association with Lenovo and Intel, will focus on the challenges organisations face.

  • What do we mean when we talk about “value” in relation to IT and how does that differ from just cost?
  • How important is it to think about the IT infrastructure to enable organisations to get the best value out of the money they are spending on software?
  • With more patients receiving care away from the hospital and some staff working from home, what does this mean for organisations’ investments in IT? What factors will they need to take into account when purchasing equipment and what does this mean for the trust’s estate and staff?
  • As the demands on the NHS and its constituent organisations change, how can IT strategies evolve in an uncertain landscape, to constantly be delivering value to clinicians and patients?

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Dawn G

Dawn Greaves, associate director of digital transformation, Leeds Community Healthcare Trust

Dawn has recently commenced the role of associate director of digital transformation at Leeds Community Healthcare Trust. She is responsible for the development and delivery of the digital strategy and driving forward the transformation agenda. Before this role, Dawn was responsible for overseeing the delivery of the West Yorkshire digital strategy in collaboration with all the health and social care organisations across the West Yorkshire footprint. Having worked in the NHS for over 30 years, Dawn has a wealth of experience in digital leadership and transformation and is passionate about how digital solutions can transform the lives of the people we serve.

Alison Moore

Alison Moore, contributor, HSJ  (webinar chair)

Alison is an HSJ  correspondent covering the South East and ambulance services nationally. She has worked in health journalism, mainly as a freelance, for many years and was previously deputy editor of a magazine for doctors.


Andy Nieto

Andy Nieto, senior solutions manager, Lenovo

Andy is a healthcare technology leader fusing both clinical and technical knowledge with extensive experience in architecting, evaluating and implementing solutions resulting in long-term organisation success and improved patient outcomes. With a passion for improving the flow of information inside and outside of clinical networks, he is a healthcare technology adviser to Lenovo’s award-winning commercial portfolio and is a member of the global healthcare solutions team driving innovation and real-world solutions in healthcare.

Ynez Symonds

Ynez Symonds, chief nursing information officer, Solent Trust

Ynez qualified as a children’s nurse and later worked in a young woman’s charity where she developed an interest in educating people about healthy relationships and sexual health. She has since worked at senior levels in sexual health. She became the clinical lead in the development and implementation of a number of digital systems including an EPR, online STI self-sampling service and a patient portal and remote treatment, webchat and offering consultations during covid. She is now a certified digital health leader and a member of the Digital Academy alumni. She is passionate about ensuring the digital innovation and developments put “people before technology”.