Twitter is full of people mouthing off pointlessly about health reform or simply linking to their latest blog. But there are also a good number of tweeters with something interesting to say and who take an active part in debate. Here’s my pick. I’d be grateful for other suggestions.

The must follows

@clarercgp - Clare Gerada, chair of Royal College of GPs. Number 11 in the 2010 HSJ 100 list of the most influential people in healthcare and likely to be higher this year.

@nedwards_1 - Nigel Edwards, health policy ubermensch. Number 25 in the HSJ 100. The UK’s leading health policy thinker.

@jappleby123 - Professor John Appleby, chief economist at the Kings Fund. HSJ 100 number 54, the leading UK health economist.

@sophiarc1 – Sophia Christie. “On assignment” to the Department of Health as director of alignment and co-ordination. HSJ 100 number 55. An experienced and innovative senior NHS manager.

The HSJ team

@davewwest – Dave is your man for the latest developments in commissioning reform. He also keeps an eye on Yorkshire and the North East.

@d_williams_ - David focuses on healthcare IT, the information revolution and community services. His regional beat covers central southern England (and a bit of the Midlands)

@charlottesantry – Charlotte is HSJ’s chief reporter. Her remit covers regulation, workforce and the Midlands.

@sjcalkin – Sarah is the only journalist regularly covering the Mid Staffs Inquiry. Her other areas of interest are the reform of the Department of Health and the South West.

@simonlewis - Simon charts the demise of primary care trusts and the rise of the PCT cluster. He does mental health and the East of England too.

NEW @benclover - As the NHS efficiciency drive bites and the foundation trust pipeline strains under the pressure, Ben will plot the impact on the acute sector. Has the prime London beat too.

The commentators (and others)

@Jon_Restell – Chief executive of the NHS managers union, Managers in Partnership. Full of good sense.

@leicesterliz – Liz Kendall is a member of Labour’s health team. A background in health policy means her comments are a cut above the normal political argy bargy.

@nickdebois – The Ying to Liz’s Yang within Parliament. Defender of the Lansley reforms. Drawer of red lines on behalf of the Conservative majority in their battle with the Lib Dems on changes to the Health Bill.

@Mbirty – Mike Birtwhistle is the MD of communications agency MHP Health. His high level contacts mean he can be relied on for very useful insights into government health policy.

@HPIAndyCowper – Opinions, the transcript of Andrew Lanlsey’s interview on the Andrew Marr show, some good jokes: Andy has them all (and more). Possibly addicted to Twitter.

@nhsgooroo – The gooroo is his name, waiting times are his game. Let Rob Findlay guide you through the labyrinthine complexities of who is waiting how long for what.

@ProfAlanMaynard – The eminence grise of healthcare economics. An NHS trust chair for the last 12 years. Dislikes lazy, greedy doctors.

@drphilhammond – With Dr Phil you get a three in one service. The comedian delivers the jokes; the Private Eye correspondent spins the latest conspiracy theory; and the thoughtful GP has some sensible things to say about health policy.

@zemba – Antony Sumara is a highly experienced NHS chief executive. He is currently helping out at Mid Staffordshire.

@richardblogger – An Anti-Tory blogger. Some telling points among the polemic.

@yrhumbleservant – there’s steel behind that satire

@muirgray - Sir Muir Gray, the Department of Health’s Chief Knowledge Officer and head of the Right Care workstream within the DH’s crucial QIPP efficiency initaitive. You won’t understand everything he says - but you’ll want to.

@SteveKellGP - Dr Steve Kell GP, and Chair of Bassetlaw Commissioning Organisation. The future is his.

NEW @ciarandevane - Chief Executive, Macmillan Cancer Support. Highly influential third sector player.

NEW @nicolaclose - Chief Executive of the Association of Directors Public Health. Keeping a careful eye on public health’s shift to local government


The journalists – watch the press pack hunt!

The Telegraph’s Martin Beckford - @martinbeckford

The Financial Times’ Sally Gainsbury - @sallygainsbury

The Times’ Sam Lister – @SamListerTimes

The Guardian’s Randeep Ramesh - @tianran