From surging waiting lists to an ageing population – the quest for innovative and effective solutions has intensified. Andy Nieto, senior solutions manager at Lenovo explores how their technology can offer not just incremental improvements, but transformative change to healthcare

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Q: How can Lenovo significantly impact healthcare, given the slow progress of tech solutions despite recognised potential?

Lenovo: The key is not just providing technology but ensuring that it directly addresses a specific challenge. For us, this means working closely with the healthcare organisation to understand their unique needs and pressures. It’s about more than just selling them a product; it’s about partnering for change. By focusing on solutions that offer immediate relief to staff pressures, deliver better patient outcomes, and streamline what can be complex, legacy operations, we can start to make a difference. Our approach is holistic, so that the integration of any new technology is seamless, addresses those immediate needs, and is scalable for future challenges.

Q: Thinking more broadly, how would you describe Lenovo’s vision when it comes to technology and healthcare?

Lenovo: We look at this through four key areas. The first part is about care delivery to the patient, ensuring that the right skills and technology are on hand. The second is the patient experience of that care. Third, we want to make sure that the clinical care team have a good experience delivering it. And last, we do our best to make it cost effective for the practice.

By using this approach, we’re here to help healthcare deliver the best care and experience possible. Whether that’s helping to make more from legacy and new technology or providing flexible financing options and comprehensive support to those practices that require the additional help.

Ultimately, every NHS trust is different. Our approach is to understand what their exact needs are and how we can apply the best solutions.

Q: How does Lenovo’s technology help healthcare providers, practically speaking?

Lenovo: One example is our work with Goshen Health in the US. We replaced their outdated PCs with modular, all-in-one desktops. And we equipped Goshen’s clinical staff with powerful, lightweight laptops they can use on the go. This upgrade, coupled with our streamlined identity and access management tools, allows for quick and secure access to patient information, significantly improves time management and ultimately helps deliver better patient care.

You could call it “transformative” but ultimately, these were practical solutions, and they demonstrate how the right technology can really make a difference to everyday healthcare. And right now, this is where we’re seeing most of our NHS work too.

Many of our healthcare laptop and desktop devices are powered by Intel vPro® with the latest Intel® Core™ processors for an unrivalled healthcare PC solution.

Q: Looking ahead, what does the future hold for healthcare providers partnering with Lenovo?

Lenovo: In a word: commitment.

This commitment comes out of our approach to not act just as a vendor but as a genuine collaborator and contributor in achieving better healthcare outcomes.

Healthcare has always struggled to maintain a balance between cutting-edge treatments and traditional care delivery. Lenovo is uniquely empowered to support both.

Our AI solutions on the desktop and in the data centre and cloud support the most advanced resources for modern clinical research and discovery. Our AI Innovators programme helps developers to rapidly bring the most advanced solutions to market. For example, our AI technology solutions powered by Intel vPro® are helping doctors spot cancer sooner with predictive analytics and they’re also detecting hypoglycaemia in diabetes patients.

Lenovo is the #1 provider of supercomputers in the world, which are being used for population health, clinical crises (pandemic surveillance, clinical evaluation) and disease research.

We see a future where technology seamlessly integrates into healthcare, enhances every aspect of care delivery and administration, and makes healthcare more efficient, effective – and most importantly – compassionate.

In conclusion, the integration of Lenovo devices, powered by Intel vPro® with the latest Intel® Core™ processors, signifies a significant leap forward in healthcare technology, promising enhanced efficiency and patient care.