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Tuesday, 26 March 2024, 10:30am - 11:15am

Improving population health will be key to helping the NHS moderate and meet demand over the next few years. Yet, it is often a challenge for NHS organisations to have much impact in this area – often because they do not know who they need to target.

In a data heavy environment, it can still be hard to deliver the benefits potentially offered by the massive amount of information the NHS collects. The Federated Data Platform, for example, does not include information from primary care.

This HSJ webinar, in association with Snowflake, will look at a real life example of data being used to drive improvements which could have both long-term and short-term benefits for the NHS and the populations it serves. It will focus on the sharing of data across Greater Manchester, including with primary care.

It will ask:

  • How important is it to make data available to those closest to the patient?
  • How can “unstructured data” – such as clinical notes – be used to improve patient care?
  • How can the data enable GPs to improve care for groups of patients such as those waiting for hospital appointments or treatment?
  • How could other NHS organisations adopt the same approach for waiting lists as Greater Manchester?

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Graham Beales, deputy director of data insights and intelligence, Greater Manchester ICS

Graham Beales is a pioneer of reducing health inequalities with data. Graham is deputy director of data insights and intelligence at Greater Manchester Integrated Care System. Graham has lead on many data initiatives including reducing accident and emergency wait times and elective care recovery. Greater Manchester have recently maximised the prevention of cardiovascular disease with data.

janet v2

Janet Broome, account director NHS, Snowflake

Janet Broome has worked and provided software solutions to the NHS for more than 25 years. Janet has been helping NHS organisations transform healthcare with data including partnering with NHS Digital to deliver the public-facing covid-19 dashboards and learned first-hand the challenges of scaling data. Janet is passionate about improving patient outcomes with data.

Matthew C

Matthew Conroy, analytical service lead for primary care, NHS Greater Manchester

Matthew Conroy is the analytical service lead for primary care at NHS Greater Manchester and alumni of the NHS graduate management training scheme. He is renowned for his expert knowledge of general practice data across Greater Manchester and has developed a wide portfolio of analytical tools to support the health and care system. He is passionate about using routinely collected data to identify and reduce health inequalities and to improve the health and well-being of the people of Greater Manchester.

Alison moore

Alison Moore, contributor, HSJ (webinar chair)

Alison is an HSJ correspondent covering the South East and ambulance services nationally. She has worked in health journalism, mainly as a freelance, for many years and was previously deputy editor of a magazine for doctors.