PERFORMANCE: Dudley Group of Hospitals Foundation Trust has been amber/red rated by Monitor for governance due to higher than planned levels of Clostridium difficile and outstanding CQC compliance actions.

The trust has an annual target of 77 cases. This target is then applied to each quarter to an agreed trajectory. At Q2 the trust is above its trajectory of 36 cases with 75 cases. A report providing an explanation of the failure to meet this target is currently being sent to Monitor on a monthly basis.

Monitor incorporates the views of the Care Quality Commission and the NHS Litigation Authority in the governance risk rating. For Quarter 2 the trust is declaring that it has outstanding CQC compliance actions as at 30 September 2011.

The trust has provided the CQC with a report on the actions taken to address the compliance issues and has received a CQC visit in September which provided initial positive feedback. The trust has since received a formal CQC report to confirm that the outstanding compliance actions have been lifted.

However, the trust has been green-rated for finance and had a £400,000 surplus at quarter two.