PERFORMANCE: The Dudley Group has reported a 45 per cent reduction in the numbers of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers in the first quarter of 2011-12.

The reduction in the number of grade one, two, three and four pressure ulcers on those recorded in the previous quarter follows the introduction of a pressure ulcer prevention and management plan. 

Reportable grade three and four pressure ulcers have also seen a drop of 37 per cent in the same period. 

Since the trust introduced a zero tolerance approach to pressure ulcers in February, the tissue viability team has put 85 per cent of staff through training and education around pressure ulcer prevention and management.

Tackling pressure ulcers as an imperative to improve patient care was highlighted at a staff feedback session on the quality priorities for 2011-12.

The trust ran an awareness campaign, which involved six directors modelling parts of the body prone to pressure ulcers for posters displayed around the hospital.